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Maxcare Virgin Coconut Oil – Cold Pressed – 1000 ML


  • Made from Garden Fresh Coconuts; 100% Natural and Cold Pressed
  • Skin Care, Hair Care, Baby Care, Dietary
  • Can be used for Internal consumption & External application
  • Rich in Antioxidants and medium chain fatty acids making it an ideal cooking oil
  • Helps improves immunity and boosts metabolism


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Maxcare Virgin Coconut oil is extracted from fresh coconut milk and does not undergo any heating process. It does not contain any additives/preservatives and is unrefined and unbleached. The oil is water clear and does not contain any sediments. The manufacturing process is completely natural and involves wet milling and centrifuge processes. The oil has a shelf life of 24 months and can be used for external application as well as consumption. It’s one of the healthiest cooking oils also ideal for hair care, skin care, baby care and dietary purposes.